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Many people often omit installing Back Stops  thinking that its function is not that essential. However, back stops actually draw the line of making the surroundings safe for everyone. We’ve seen how accidents can happen in the most unexpected situations. Since accidents are unpredictable, it’s hard to take on chances. Instead of taking a risk, better be safe and sure.

It is of the utmost importance to get back stop fences from your trusted fence contractor in Tucson. With them you can be sure that your fences are of the best quality and that you can depend on it. Purchasing from suppliers whom you’ve previously worked with gives you a certain level of confidence on the products that they sell.

Back Stops are available in 4 different dimensions. Ideally, all these dimensions should be present in a specific field to ensure complete safety in the area.

  1. Outfield Fence

This has a ground clearance of 25.4 mm. Usually, this back stop fence is 2.4 meters x 50mm.

  1. Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

This is also 2.44 meters x 50 mm, same with the outfield fence. However, this one ensures the safety of the player bench and the dugout.

  1. Protective Fence for Spectators

This type has the same dimensions as the protective fencing for the player bench, but the purpose of this is to protect the audience from getting hit by flying balls. Not to worry because our back stop fences are made of chain link which provides an unobstructed view of the field.

  1. Back Stops

This is the highest of all at 4.88 meters. It has a curved top to ensure that the balls can’t fly over it. A backstop fence ensures that the balls pitched and thrown, stay within the premises of the field.

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