We Protect What Matters to You (About US)

About Us

The Tucson Fence Company was built with safety in mind. This is our about us page to tell you everything about us. Primarily, we want to be able to build reliable fences which property owners can depend on. We wanted to earn the trust and confidence of the property owners with the superior quality of our fences. It is part of our mission to remain consistent and true to our promise. If you are interested in our products and services, or want to know more about us you can call us at 520-462-4332.

Ever since we began fence installation in Tucson in 1995, we put high importance on the quality of our products. With every single fence entrusted to us, we made sure that each fence can provide excellent security for all property owners. Throughout the 25 years, we see to it to continue upholding the same level of quality that we introduced. And we pledge to continuously do so in all the years to come.

Aside from our products, we make sure that our services remain at par. As a fence contractor in Tucson, we put high regard in making certain that our services are as efficient as possible. Installation is a vital component of fences—otherwise, fences are useless—it is equally important to be able to install them in the best way possible. We made sure that our team has sufficient skills to properly handle the fences and professional enough to waste no time for installation.

Fences play an important role in terms of security and privacy, which are both are critical matters. It is then our responsibility to our clients to provide with the unfailing fences that can give them the peace of mind that they deserve. To be able to do its job excellently and to be able to stand against threat against security, it is vital that it is durable. So, as a trusted fence company in Tucson, we make sure that all of our fences are top-notch and long lasting.

While our products and our services are essential for us, our people are equally as valuable. We put high importance on our team who does the groundwork for the company. From the inquiries, to the complaints, to the manufacturing and production, to the installation, and even up to the maintenance work, they take part in all of it. Not to mention how they untiringly and patiently answer every phone call. So, we owe it to them. We continuously make sure that they remain empowered and happy in the workplace by keeping their physical and mental health always in check. We also encourage their growth by providing and enrolling them in seminars and trainings which are useful to them.

In the coming years, we strive to maintain our quality while further improving our services. We want to continuously produce first-class products which can provide premium security and protection. We will continue to be always on the lookout for new technologies that we can use and incorporate with our products and services. Rest assured that The Tucson Fence Company will work harder to provide excellent fences.