Cedar Wood Fence Tucson

If you put high importance in both privacy and the appearance of your property, you should consider getting this Cedar Wood Fence. It provides complete concealment which ensures superior privacy that can secure you and your family. Apart from that, because wood is a classic element, you can be confident of the upgraded overall look of your property.

This type of fence comes in two different types and you can choose one depending on your level of privacy preference.

  • The Standard Privacy Type

This type can ensure full privacy because it has no gaps in between the planks. The wood planks are fixed together on the sides facing a single direction which secures it firmly. With this type of fence, you can enjoy your yard without having to worry about any onlookers.

  • The Shadowboxing

Meanwhile, with this type of Cedar Wood Fence, the wood planks are joined on the sides, but each plank face alternating directions. Because of this arrangement, it has gaps in between which kind of exposes what is inside. If you prefer semi-private fences, then this type will surely work out for you.

Wood material is notorious for being high maintenance. However, with Cedar Wood Fence, it can last up to a decade. Here at The Tucson Fence Company, we make sure to provide top-notch fences to guarantee your money’s worth. We know that fences are major investments and property owners expect highly of it. As a fence contractor in Tucson for 25 years now, we do not want to disappoint. It is our goal to continuously satisfy our customers and provide them with fences that they deserve.

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